The European Travellers Club

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Account-Based Travelling does not have to mean that travellers have to provide their personal details to all transport operators they use. The essential element is not knowledge but trust. Transport operators must be able to trust that they will be paid for their service, whereas travellers must be able to trust that they remain in control of their own personal data.


Once trust is established, the Travel Experience is vastly improved. In our vision, Account-Based Travelling is able to deliver the best travel experience to the member of our Travellers Clubs. All that is needed, is that you are a member of a Travellers Club that follows European Travellers Club standards. A Trusted Traveller will be able to:


  • Just Go
  • Plan and Book at Once
  • Never Pay Too Much
  • Don’t Worry
  • Cross Borders
  • Get More, but only if you want to 

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