The European Travellers Club

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Travel across Europe
Account-Based Travelling is based on trust between the traveller and his Travellers Club (or whatever provider of Account-Based Travelling). Travelling with a single account in another country is possible if the scheme in the host country accepts the traveller's account with his home scheme, as is already the case for bankcards throughout Europe and most of the world.


This implementation has become a feasible route to pan-European ticketing, as more and more countries are adopting nation-wide standards for e-ticketing in public transport.

We believe that there are three levels possible for international Account-based Travelling, depending on the progress of e-ticketing in general and, more specifically, Account-Based Travelling in the host country.
1. Host Country Acceptance: the host country does not yet offer Account-Based Ticketing, but accepts the resale of tickets and online verification (e.g. through QR-code on a mobile) by the traveller's home mobility provider (or his or her Travellers Club).

2. Cross-Recognition: both countries offer Account-Based Travelling and accept each other's travellers, with their account relation. The traveller still needs to use the host country's transport card or applet, but she or he does not have to open a new account.

3. Integration: both countries accept each other's traveller's Account, as well as each other's cards and travel apps.

Through the European Travellers Club, all three levels of cross-border interoperability can be supported.
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